Review: Max Factor Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tint


After reading numerous reviews on the internet I decided to go ahead and purchase one of those nifty little lip tints. They claim to last up to 6 hours of colour, without any bleeding, feathering, etc. Now, in the reviews on the internet I saw that all the colours were quite red, even the one called 'Nice 'N Nude'. Which, to my opinion, seemed even better. I love red lips! But I hate the maintenance, I can never wear a red lip to school, because I have to step into the washroom after each class to touch up and correct any feathering.

So is this little marker pen going to get me through the day and make it super easy to wear red lips?

Below you'll find a picture of me wearing shade 04: Berry Burst. It's a lovely deep red colour. The product applies really easily, you use the fine tip at the end to 'line' your lips, and then you use the bigger part of the marker to 'colour in' your lips. It's a bit like using a felt tip marker when you're drawing something, only really try to stay in the lines this time! Haha.

excuse the terribly smudged eyeliner. It's been a long day and my eyes have not been liking my contacts at all!
also, that flash is like KABOOM! Can't help it, getting a new camera soon. Need a new laptop first.

Because the product's formula seeps into the first layers of the skin on your lips, it's kind of 'staining' it, which is why the colour stays on for a long period of time without fading, smudging, etc. I do feel like it dries my lips out somewhat when only wearing the lip tint. This is easily fixable when you apply a thin layer of gloss or balm over it.

Max Factor claims it is drink, eat and kiss-proof. I put it to the test!

While I certainly didn't kiss today, I did eat and drink. When I drank I noticed that the only marks on my glass was the lip balm (Vaseline Lip Therapy) that had not completely settled on my skin yet. There was no coloured lip tint on any of the glasses my lips touched. I applied this at 3 pm, and had dinner at 6. Before dinner it was perfect, but after dinner I realized it had completely gone. I did have soup for dinner, so maybe it's an exception for soup! And the colour did last about three hours without fading and feathering, which is not something I can say for other red lipsticks I have used.

Long story short. I'm loving this product! I'm going to wear it on my lips tomorrow, for I only have two hours of class and no work in the evening. Friday is my be-bold! day.

If you are looking for a product that will last a long time and doesn't need much looking after, I'd go with the Max Factor Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tint! Available in eight trendy colours. In Dutch drugstores it goes for €11,99 and now at Etos it's an additional 25% off. But that's only this week! So get it while it's hot!

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