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an ode to (my) glasses

Ever since the age of eleven, I have worn glasses, minus a small "All the cool kids wear contacts" fase during my sophomore year of high school. A few years back I bought my 'nerd glasses' as a lot of people call them.

And, oh, I love them so.

When you ask people in my school who Kelly is, they usually say the girl with the high heels and the big glasses. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

What is not to love about glasses? They frame your face, they can make an outfit, they make you seem smarter, they make you look more mature, people take me more seriously when I wear them, and they are a fabulous fashion statement.

The only times I don't wear my glasses is when I'm either sleeping or wearing really heavy eye makeup, but even when they aren't on my nose, I'm still subconsciously pushing them up.

Do you wear glasses? Do you love them like I do?

no song today, that just came up without music.

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  1. I love glasses! I wish I could buy more, greedy me.
    In 2010 heb ik zelfs twee brillen gehaald! Het was een 2 halen 1 betalen actie, hahahha