style secrets

I've been having trouble defining my style lately. I switch between edgy kind of tough girl outfits and extremely feminine flowy skirts and high heels. I like the more edgy side, but it's kind of hard to come by some of the pieces I would love to wear. In order to provide my mind with a little more inspiration, I went to polyvore and put together a little collage of pieces that I love and would be really happy if they were added to my wardrobe.

Big chunky knit sweaters. Sequined shorts. Sheer blouses. Leather pants. Spiked bangels. Biker jackets. Jeffrey Campbel shoes. Electric blue bag. I'm sticking with the cool colours. This is my style. This is my inspiration.


  1. O my o my, great picks! Now we only need a bag of money!

  2. love love!! x