Catrice Photofinish Liquid Foundation 18h Review

Catrice Photo Finish Liquid Foundation 18h

Call me spoiled, but I've always had something against budget foundations. Somehow I though that it was the budget foundation that made fifteen year old girls looked like they were the spawn of oompa loompas and pumpkins. But, now that I'm a struggling (read: dead broke) college student running out of her favorite Clinique foundation, I had to give in and buy this foundation.

Of course, I don't just go out and randomly purchase any new foundation. I checked the internet and read a bunch of reviews on different Catrice foundations before I decided to go for the Catrice Photofinish Liquid Foundation 18h.

Here is what Catrice says:

"For a perfect, retouched complexion: the Photo Finish Liquid Foundation 18h with a 'Soft Focus Effect'. Thanks to light-reflecting pigments, it makes your complexion look smooth and radiant for up to 18 hours! The oil-free formula feels pleasantly light on your skin.
Available in five shades with a medium coverage, it comes in a high-quality, frosted glass bottle with a practical pump dispenser."

18 hours, huh? That's one hell of a promise. I can guarantee that it does not last eightteen hours on me, but it lasts a really long time. I think I found my holy grail!

The packaging is great, a definite plus. It comes with a pump, which makes it that much easier to dose than my Clinique foundation. Plus, the pump is so much cleaner, my Clinique foundation just gets everywhere.

The formula itself is quite thick, so blending it onto the skin with a sponge or a regular foundation brush is a no-no in my book. I apply it with either my Zoeva buffer brush or my fingers. It blends into my skin beautifully, even though I was a little worried when I found out there were only five colours in the range.

The foundation leaves a gorgeous finish on my skin. It's a lovely even coverage that perfectly hides any flaws that might be on my skin, with the exception of that particular nasty surprise my skin provides me with that certain time of month, but that's nothing a little concealer won't fix. It has a lovely sheen to it that makes it appear like your skin is glowing, without making you look shiny.

Eightteen hours.... uhm no. But an average (or even busy work day) and this foundation lasts perfectly, add a little powder in the morning to set it, and it will surely last you a long time. And that for €6,49?! That's just perfect.

The only thing that bothers me is the smell when you apply it. It smells somewhat, how ironic, like wet paint.

I'm pretty sure you can tell which is which. But just if you don't see the difference between bare skin and skin with foundation on it. Left is sans. Right is with.

So, if you're looking for a nice long wearing, glow-effect giving foundation that won't break the bank. This one is definitely the one for you!


  1. I love Aveda makeup, but i love hearing about new products!!
    Product reviews are my favorite!!


  2. Hi! Seems to be a great product. Thanks for the review!
    Can you tell me, which shade you have used?