DIY Karl Who? t-shirt




I have always loved the 'Karl Who?' shirts and tote bags. And it seems that Karl himself likes them too because he was spotted sporting a Karl Who? tote bag some time ago. As much as I liked the print on the t-shirts available for sale, I just wasn't prepared to drop a wad of cash for a t-shirt that looked so simple.



Making this shirt was terribly easy. First I searched DaFont for the perfect paint-like font. Then I typed out the words in a Microsoft Word document and printed them onto transfer paper. I bought a very simple loose fitting gray t-shirt fro H&M, although it will look great on white t-shirts as well. I'm thinking about doing a white one as well.

Next, I alligned the printed words on the t-shirt, covered them in baking paper and used a hot steamless iron to transfer the print onto my t-shirts. And then you're done! I used transfer paper from the dutch store HEMA. I'm not sure if all transfer papers work the same, so make sure you read the instructions before you set to transferring prints and texts onto fabrics.

I really like this shirt and I wore it to my favorite bar on NYE. Paired with skintight black jeans and a leather jacket. My hair was really big voluminous and curly and I wore a silver and purple smokey eye. A little more intense than my New Year's Eve budget make-up tutorial. And of course I wore the wonderful sequined mask from my last post.

EDIT: As an anonymous commenter pointed out, I forgot to mention something important. It's key that if you're printing texts onto transfer paper, you should always print text mirrored. If you don't it will be backwards on your final result. So thanks anonymous commenter for pointing it out!


  1. great diy! love it! i am now following you and i would love if you followed back :)))

  2. Dankje! Dat is superaardig! Ik vind de tekst van je shirt echt geweldig!

  3. Oh, you put me to shame. I have a press that makes shirts (Christmas present from 2 years ago) and I have never used it! Amazing job and you have inspired me.

    I am your latest follower - check out my blog and follow back if you like to.


  4. i want one!! happy new years to you babes and thanks for all your support and kindness in 2011, means everything! Big love! X

  5. Anonymous9/1/12 19:51

    Moet het niet in spiegelbeeld geprint worden?

  6. Definitely doing this :) thanks so much, I was literally sooo dangerously close to just paying the 55 quid hah! :)