Random reviews of Vera’s favorites.

Hi! I’m Vera Romijn. Currently I’m studying journalism in Zwolle, the Netherlands. Just like Kelly. I’m a friend and a classmate of hers. She asked me if I wanted to write a piece for her blog with a monthly update. Of course I said yes, it seemed like a great opportunity to work with her and do what I like most: writing.

You might have noticed I was Kelly’s volunteer in her review video for her Remington Pearl Curling Wand. That thing was awesome, after two days you could still see some tiny curls at the tops of my hair!

Nevertheless, in that video I wore a blue polkadot skirt with white dots. Oh you don’t want to know how much items with dots are dominating my wardrobe. Not even with premeditation actually. Within a year shops like Zara, Bijenkorf (a quite expensive national warehouse, thankgod for sales) Hunkemӧller and Primark provided me with dresses, skirts, pyjamapants and a toilet bag in polkadot. Quite genius.

My favorite is a dress from Zara. I first had my doubts whether I wanted to buy it or not, but I’m so glad I did. It fits perfectly. It only has one little disadvantage. Due with the shape below the waste you’d better not wear it at day’s when wind is raging outside. You’re getting that Marilyn Monroe effect when you’re walking down the street.

But where does the name ‘polkadot’ comes from? About 1900 the music polka, and the dotted pattern on clothes were both very popular. That’s the only thing they have in common. Anticlimax! Well, who cares. Polkadots are awesome. That’s the conclusion.


p.s: I haven’t lost my arm haha, just avoiding that my hair hangs like a curtain for my face. ;)


  1. Wonderful guest post and you are beautiful!


  2. you look so pretty :) And gosh you ARE tall!!
    have a nice day! i joined you site(:


  3. Anonymous22/1/12 15:00

    You are so pretty !