pink lips collection


I am one hundred percent a lipstick kind of girl. There is something empowering about rocking a bold color on your lips. Or being in public and whipping out your tube of color and a small pocket mirror to reapply that gorgeous shine on your lips.

It is statiscally proven that men are more attracted to girls with lipstick on than girls who chose to skip that part of their makeup routine. Lipstick is my weakness, whenever I enter a drugstore I cannot withhold myself from purchasing some sort of lip product.

My favorite color is probably pink. It’s feminine and bold enough to make a statement, but it isn’t as ‘over the top’ as a bright red. Because red is for special days, when you really want to feel like a knockout. My collection of reds is coming soon, but today I bring you my collection of pink lipsticks.

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Chanel Rouge Coco in Jersey Rose. My first Chanel lipstick. It's the perfect pinky my lips but better color. I wear it whenever I feel like wearing lipstick, but don't want something super bright.

Catrice Absolute Color in Frozen Rose. Not sure about this color. Not even sure if I ever wore it outside of the house. I feel like it's too light on me. Maybe with the right eye look? Who knows, will give this a try soon enough.

NYC lipstick in blue rose. Did I blog about this one? I forgot. I do remember taking pictures of it and writing a post, but I forgot if I ever published it. If I didn't. If you layer this on, it's a pretty good MAC show orchid dupe.

L'Oreal lipstick in Intense Fuchsia. Love the color, hate the formula. No matter how primed, exfoliated, moisturized or baby-bottomed my lips are, this ALWAYS looks dry. And not to mention what it does to my lips. Ten minutes of wearing this and they are like a dessert.

NYX Matte Lipstick, I'm really sure that I blogged about this one when I first got it. Still in love with it. Really should wear it more often. It's such a gorgeous cool toned pink. And the matte formula, wonderfully, doesn't dry my lips out too much. It does transfer like a mofo, though. Which is always fun when you drink from white starbucks cups...

MAC pink nouveau. Blogged about this one a few weeks back. Still love it. Wear it at least twice a week. It has become somewhat of my signature color.

Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss lipstick in 05. This one was a little disappointing. I love the finish and the formula of this one. But the color is a little meh. It looks much richer and prettier in the tube. But the moisturizing glossy finish that it gives more than makes up for the disappointing color payoff.

Rimmel Color Showoff in Pink Gossip. This was one of my first brighter colors. Think I wore it three times. Shame on me.

Maybelline Color Sensational in Feel Pink. A nice pinky nude. Perfect with a heavier dark smokey eye
Ugh. Frosty. Way too light. Did I mention this was less than a euro? I bought this way back when I still spent 10 euros a month on makeup. Oh the times....

That's it for my pink lipstick collection. I'm now quite excited for the red collection? It will of probably be posted somewhere along the course of the week. Because when I think about having to swatch and photograph all of those... Oh the stains.

Oh, and just to give an impression of the mess I made while preparing for this post.... I present to you. My desk.



  1. I hou ook zo van roze. Vrouwen;-)!

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