A musical range of colors [Catrice New Color New Brush collection review]


I promise this blog isn't turning into a nail polish blog. I just have an unhealthy
obsession with acquiring new colors, laughing about funny names and changing the color on my fingernails pretty much every single day.

Catrice is one of my favorite brands when it comes to nail polish. They have a huge range of colors (40 colors, with special editions coming out every few months), it is cheap and the formula tends to glide onto your nails like a charm.

The brand has renewed itself recently, getting rid of some of the older colors and filling up the rack with a load of new colors. And I couldn't help myself, I had to pick up some of them. I got six of the colors that I liked the most, but I'm sure my collection will expand over time. Something I really like about this collection is that the names from the new collection all seem to be inspired by people from the music industry, which guarantees some pretty hilarious results.


One of the most significant changes is the change of brush. Catrice made the brush more 'consumer-friendly'. They went from a regular sized flat top brush to a more rounded, wider set brush. Which is supposed to transfer the color onto the surface of your nail faster. Making it an easier and less time consuming job to change your manicure. Let's look at a close-up of the brushes, old and new.

The new brush is on the left side, the color is 'Aretha's R-E-S-P-I-N-K' which was featured in my 'On Wednesdays We Wear Pink' from last Wednesday here. You can see another swatch of it later this post. Next to that is an older color from Catrice, with the old brush. The color is 'Raspberry Fields Forever', I absolutely adore that color. It's the perfect balance between red and pink, don't you agree?

As for the performance of the brushes, I'm a little undecided. I really like the old brush, because it allowed you to be a little more precise, especially around the edges. But the bigger, rounded new brush makes painting your nails so much easier and quicker. I'm glad my collection holds a healthy balance between the old and the new brush.

And now, let's look at some swatches of these new colors. (I REALLY NEED TO GET SOME NAIL WHEELS, THIS ALWAYS TAKES AN AGE!)

ACidDC (there should be a little lightning bolt between ACid and DC, but my keyboard doesn't hate it ;p). ACidDC is a bright green color, with tiny metallic particles in it. I've never been a great fan of green nail polish, especially not bright green. So I shamefully admit that I mostly bought this because I thought the name was hilarious and gave me a little more rocker cred. 2 coats do the trick perfectly, but 3 will make it look supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Salmon & Garfunkel, a nice orange/cream color. I think it's a little too orange to be labeled Salmon, but I can see why they went with this name. I did not yet own a color like this, and I really like this. I'm sure I'll get a lot of wear out of this. 2 coats are enough.

Birdy Reloaded! I think naming a yellow color after Birdy was a little predictable, but I do know that I like this color. I'm growing more towards brighter more unusual colors on my nails. Straying away from the nudes, pinks (though they will always be my favorite) and reds and paying more attention to blues, yellows, oranges and purples. 2 coats provide a decent result, 3 will really make it opaque.

Aretha's R-E-S-P-I-N-K. Featured this in last wednesday's OWWWP, so I already talked to you about it then. 2 coats is more than enough. Love this one.
Fred Said Red. What a gorgeous orange toned red. Have never owned a color like this before, and I really like it. It looks a little unusual to me, but I adore it. My mom loves it too, so I think I'm going to be searching for it in her vanity soon.. 2 coats surprisingly did not make this opaque, 3 will probably do the trick.

Browno Mars. Aside from the name being an absolute killer, I laughed out loud when I read it in the store, the color is really nice as well. A brown metallic-y bronze. Paints a little streaky, but most metallics tend to do that. 2 coats does the job perfectly.

That's it for the colors I own, but I'm quite sure (and a little ashamed) that this collection will probably grow soon enough. Catrice is available at Dutch Kruidvat drugstores and I believe all over drugstores in Germany.

The bottles contain 10 ml of product and there maximum and recommended retail price is €2,49.

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  1. Ow! The yellow one looks great for the summer and spring! And so cheap!