My Week In Photographs: I welcome you, spring!

IMG00574-20120318-1246 IMG00582-20120319-1152
IMG00579-20120319-1141 IMG00580-20120319-1141
IMG00581-20120319-1142 IMG00584-20120321-1411 IMG00589-20120322-1501 IMG00596-20120322-1831 IMG00598-20120323-1032 IMG00600-20120323-1657
IMG00599-20120323-1635 IMG00601-20120323-1859

1. Horses walking outside on my aunt and uncle's farm. My aunt turned 60 this weekend and we went over there for some coffee and cake. Just my parents, my brother, me and my incredible hangover.
2. American pancakes with melted chocolate and banana slices. Best part... I ate this outside in the sun while my dog and I played fetch.
3. Tulips! I love these flowers. They are always so fresh and this color is amazeballs.
4. My makeup area, now with a DIY sunglasses storage
5. Bright and light colors are being added to wardrobe. Spring is upon us!
6. A lady bug landed on my leather jacket while I was taking a nap in the grass outside. This day was so wonderful, just lounging around in the sun.
7. Authentic handcrafted ice-cream! My favorite flavors, forest fruit yoghurt and lemon.
8. Finally found a shirt that goes PERFECTLY with my Viva Glam Nicki.
9. Train travel survival package. Magazine, Mango water and breathmints.
10. My first INGLOT lipsticks. Swatches soon!
11. An amazing glass of sweet white wine with my friend Jurre. He was enjoying a Corona and loving every second of it. So nice to just hang out with friends in the sun.
12. Searched high and low for these pants. But they still had one pair left of each of them in Zwolle. I was so happy! And yes, the pants are the same print as the shirt in picture #8. My week has been made.

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