My week in photographs

starbucks naildesign dressjacket cakeinacup caramello 80sshoulderpad
nature2 nature1 jorritandi icecream

1. enjoying a nice cup of black coffee before my friend and I visited a municipal hearing for school
2. My first succesful nail polish design using tape
3. My current budget crisis causes me to have to dive into my wardrobe. This dress actually still had the tags on. So shameful, but I'm glad I rediscovered it.
4. Chocolate Cake in a cup
5. The best part of school. Caramello from the coffee corner. It's a large cappuccino with caramel syrup in it, covered with whipped cream and on top of that... more syrup and yummy caramel curls.
6. A totally over the top 80s shoulder pad blazer I picked up at a thrift store. The lining is quite stained so my mother is helping me replace it with a nice neon color. Pictures soon!
7. Escaping the city life for a few hours by taking a walk across the heath just twenty minutes from our house
8. More nature
9. My best friend Jorrit and I, always nice to spend time with the people you enjoy most
10. Best way to finish a fun afternoon. Soft serve ice-cream with discodip!

By the amount of fatty, unhealthy foods displayed here. You can probably guess what lovely phenomenon I was dealing with this week.

You like this kind of post? I think I want to do one once a week, starting today. Tell me!


  1. Love the photos. OMG chocolate cake in a cup, that's amazing lol.
    Great post & great blog :D



    1. I know, it's delicious! The recipe is really fast and easy, and it's right HERE.

  2. Love your nails and that dress :)
    That ice-cream looks yummy :)

    Laura xoxo

    1. The ice-cream is indeed very yummy. My favorite, if I do dare to say.

  3. O yeah ice cream with disco-dip!

    Leuk, zo wekelijkse post. De mijne zou alleen maar uit eetfoto's bestaan, hahaha.

    1. Oh Heis, als ik er niet een aantal uit had gelaten was dit ook een eetfoto-only post geweest. Hahahahaha.

      Softijs is zooo lekker. Ben echt blij dat het weer sociaal acceptabel is om met een ijsje rond te lopen.

  4. Great pictures! Your naildesign on the second picture is awesome and i love your jacket on the third picture! yummi this ice looks really tasty:)

    Hope you visit me on my Blog