Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation Review


After seeing it numerous times on beauty blog after beauty blog, my spending hand began to itch and I practically ran to the store when it hit shelves here in the Netherlands. Rimmel's brand new Wake Me Up foundation is supposed to give you a healthy glowing finish that looks like you had a lovely night of sleep. Want to now how I feel about it? Do read on!


This is what the Rimmel website says about this particular product.


Finally. Your new beauty partner that keeps up with your fast-paced lifestyle.

Introducing new Wake Me Up Foundation from Rimmel London. Rimmel’s first liquid foundation that instantly reawakens skin with a healthy, radiant glow.

It’s time to wake up – the light, smooth texture glides on easily to give a 100% pore-less and flawless complexion. Spoil yourself with SPF 15 sun protection and illuminating radiance pearls for a natural glow. A peptide formulation helps increase your skin’s elasticity and a vitamin moisturizing complex also leaves you looking healthy and fresh. Your skin will bounce back to life – even if your body is thinking otherwise.

No longer do you have to face fatigue in the mirror. Immediately eliminates visible signs of tiredness so skin looks rejuvenated. Also minimising signs of premature ageing. Wake Me Up works just as hard as you – staying put for up to 10 hours and giving you a natural, medium to full coverage. So even if you’ve had a few hours sleep, you can look radiant and younger.

Let last night’s late bedtime be a secret. Discover beauty sleep in a bottle, from Rimmel London.

The product comes in a 30 ml glass bottle, it feels quite luxurious and sturdy. The color of the cap is gorgeous and an instand brightener in your makeup collection. In my Dutch drugstore there were only four shades available, which I thought was a little too little to cater to everyone's needs.

The bottle has a pump dispenser, which works very hygienically and makes sure you dispense enough product. One pump was more than enough to cover my entire face.

pump dispensers are the best!



The formula itself comes out quite thick, I guess I was expecting something a little thinner. It isn't bothersome, I just noticed it. I got the shade 100 Ivory, and it matches my skintone well enough. Not a perfect match, but I certainly don't mind and I don't think anyone (who isn't a makeup junkie) will notice.
The foundation spreads evenly and beautifully out over my face. It is indeed full coverage and perfectly covers the redness I have in my cheeks and the few spots that are a result of a week of not taking the pill.

It lasts a long time. I've been leaning on my forehead for quite a while and it hasn't smudged or melted off. And I'm sure that with a little powder it will certainly stay on my face all day.

I love the little illuminating particles in it. They leave my skin looking fresh and glowy, like you hardly have any product on. Great for during the spring and summer and you want to look fresh faced and dewy. A little highlighter in strategic places will really make you look flawless.


I really recommend this foundation. It's great! And for €12,99 it definitely won't break the bank.


  1. I love how it covers your redness. The green undertone really works well on this one. Nice review =)

  2. thanks for the review, i bought this today and am looking forward to trying it out!
    emma xo

  3. Anonymous29/3/12 21:41

    This is amaziiinnng its a great coverage for acne