5 beauty rules I preach but don't always practice

1. Wash your face every morning and night
I know, I know, SUE ME! I like to party, I like staying out until the sun comes up. And sometimes I come home, sit down on my bed to relieve myself of my killer heels and just... fall asleep. It's the worst thing for your skin and you can immediately see the horrid consequences the next morning (blotchy dull skin anyone?).

2. Don't pick the mascara off your lashes
I, for the life of me, can't get all my mascara off with just eye-makeup remover and a cotton pad. There's always leftover mascara right at the base of my lashes. And yes, sometimes I use my fingers and nails to viciously pick at them until all the makeup is gone.

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3. If your eye makeup is heavy, stick to a neutral lip
Rules are meant to be broken, no? I like rocking my super dark smokey eye and sometimes I just feel like my looks needs, no wait, is desperate for a bright pink barbie lipstick. However, do make sure that your bright lip/eyes compliment each other. Blue eyeshadow and reps lips, oh no.

4. Don't file your nails back and forth, always go in one direction
I'm sorry, but sometimes it just takes to long. And with all the nail polish I wear, and the cleaning I do at work, my nails are never going to be really strong or healthy. I know, excuses, excuses.

5. Make sure your foundation matches you perfectly
THIS. NEVER. HAPPENS. At least not in drugstore foundations. They often have a very limited shade range, they oxidize and change color during the day. It might be a little too light, a little too dark. But you know there are these handy things called powder and bronzer. It's quite easy. Make it a little lighter, a little warmer.

Makeup, nail polish, skincare. Mastering it all is an art, an art that I wish I had down to a T. But no, I am human, you are human. We forget stuff, we are lazy sometimes, some things appeal to us that might not appeal to someone else. But we can't please everyone at once, right? So do what makes you happy, what makes you feel good, and then let your positive mood radiate towards others.


  1. I love this post so much :) We think there are all these rules but really, it's up to ourselves!
    Great post :)

    Laura xoxo

  2. great post! i never follow the first one. i always make sure my makeup is off at night, but in the morning, i just throw on moisturizer start my day. perhaps i should try to incorporate that into my routine lol

  3. Love this, I am exactly the same with these rules, in fact maybe the only one I do tend to keep is taking off my makeup every night. My friends always moan at me after a night out because whilst they all just wanna sleep I keep them all awake with the light on standing in front of the mirror taking all my face off (: I always pick at my mascara though ha. Us girls need a break, nobody has perfect skin and even following these rules we're probably never gonna get it! So who cares if we break them sometimes (: x

  4. I do pretty much all of these too! I don't forget to wash my face of a night too much anymore, but when I do I always wake up the next day and kick myself. My skin is affected by it soooo easily and I pay for it for days.

  5. i always fail at the rule no 4(the one with nails) :(