I need a little me-time




Sometimes, a girl needs a little her-time. As much as I love the company of friends, family and my beloved viking, I sometimes need to be a bit of a hermit. Time all by myself to process my thoughts and give them their place in my head.

The best part of this me-time is taking my time for a long, indulging hot shower. I know, I know, hot showers are bad for your skin. But once in a while, it's just what you need to unwind.

In the pictures above you can see all the lovely products I use when I want to pamper myself, my body, my face and my hair. Plus the picture of my most favorite scented candle ever.

Therme Skincare Finn Sauna Shower Gel (this baby right here feels/smells like your taking a bath in Vicks Vapo-Rub. Everything just opens up and your able to breath completely free!)
Dr. Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil shampoo and conditioner
The Body Shop Chocomania body butter
The Body Shop Moringa shower gel (what a gorgeous floral scent, very girly indeed)
Dr. van der Hoog revitalizing 3 minute mask

I Love.. Lemons & Limes scented candle

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  1. great stuff :)