My week in photographs: wine, slutty brownies, food porn and two-toned lips

IMG-20120413-WA000 IMG00701-20120413-2201 IMG00700-20120413-2201 IMG00674-20120409-1650 IMG00675-20120409-1712 IMG00668-20120409-1233
1. Baking time with my bestie!
3. Wine and my lovely snakeprint laptop sticker.
4. Easter dinner. I was responsible for it, I made healthy grilled chicken wraps
5. The result
6. My favorite piece of decor in my room. My jewelry tree. Such a nice thing, isn't it?

IMG00665-20120408-1907 IMG00661-20120408-1713 IMG00678-20120412-1532 IMG00679-20120412-1535 IMG00697-20120412-2009 IMG00699-20120413-2153
7. Brushes all nice and clean, it was needed
8. Mom made Banana Royale as a dessert for easter
9. Amazing makeup on the cover of the May issue of Elle
10. Elle has these nice step by step hair tutorials. I'm going to have to try this look!
11. Two toned lips. Loved them so much!
12. New nails. I feel like a princess with these!

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  1. I am a big fan from SLUTTY BROWNIES:-)!
    You have a good week!