Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté in Peach Passion

Mom and dad returned from Egypt this morning and brought me, along with some other goodies, this darling lipstick from Yves Saint Laurent.

I've always wanted to own a YSL lipstick. Their packaging is so gorgeous and luxurious, it's a treat too look at!

The lipstick in particular that they got me is called Rouge Volupté in Peach Passion. It's a gorgeous color and I own nothing like it.

The formula is super duper creamy ad just slides onto your lips. I'm in love.

(This was written on my iPhone because my laptop isn't fixed yet. Sl forgive me if the sizing and layout is off. I just really wanted to publish something.)


  1. You are back! Yeahhhhhh!

    En bevalt de YSL lipstick? Net zo goed als MAC?


  2. Woooooo love that color! ....i have one of the ysl ones two hardly wear mine as its going down tooo fast don't want to buy another one at there price's lol!