Lady Gaga's Fame Perfume

Early september the perfumeries shelves were stocked with the first ever black perfume, developed by the Haus of Gaga. The creative masterminds behind the image of Gaga herself. The perfume comes in a nifty glass bottle with an inventive cap. When you set the cap down on a flat surface you can put the glass bottle in the cap and it's a beautiful ornament on your vanity.

The perfume itself is a black liquid that becomes invisible once airborne. It's the first in its kind and I just feel like it so Gaga. Of course her team would come up with something different like this. I must say, I was a little nervous sniffing this in the store. Earlier this year Lady Gaga said in the press that her first fragrance would smell like blood and semen. 

Uhm... okay?

But unless blood and semen smell sweet and like flowers, that's not what it smells like. The perfume's main accords are dark, sensual and light. There are hints of tiger orchid and jasmine. But also apricot, dripping  honey and incense. It's a gorgeous sweet floral scent which is strong but not overpowering. 

Smelling it I didn't immediately think this was a Lady Gaga perfume. It seemed a little too girly and feminine for me. But that might just be my personal opinion of the slightly androgynous superstar. I've really grown to love this scent since I bought it. Describing perfume is really difficult to me. But seriously, go smell it somewhere, it's amazing. And it's pricepoint is good as well. A bottle of 50ml retails in the Netherlands just over €35.

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  1. I think the design of this is really good, its so 'lady gaga', however even though its a lovely scent - i just think its just like every other typical celebrity perfume and i thought it was a bit disappointing because i thought gaga would have done something different.

    Regardless of that though, it does smell lovely
    Natalie xx