Christmas Hauling!

We have just finished our annual secret santa giveaway at home. We are all gathered around the living room staring lovingly at our lovely new things. Including myself, of course. Yesterday was my twentieth birthday and to celebrate that big two oh, I gathered some of my savings and the gifts I got from my birthday and purchased myself an iPad 2. Which I have basically been glued to ever since I first took it into my hands.

But that is not the only thing that is new in my life. It turns out that my mother had my secret santa this year and she got me some amazing things from my wish list. Below are some pictures.

I love how my mom and dad both got me Zara gift vouchers as a christmas present, they must know that I am in love with that store. I plan to get some amazing things with these cards. The blue candle with stars has been a long favorite of mine. The Blond Amsterdam Vanilla scented candle was something that I was meaning to repurchase for quite some time, mom picked up on this obviously.

The electric blanket. To. Die. For. My parents each have one of these already, and how amazing is it to crawl into bed at night and already have it feeling lovely and warm. Finally I can enjoy this pleasure as well.

And then, not to be forgotten. The Lauren Conrad Beauty book. I have bought the Style book by her about two years ago and absolutely adored it. So when I heard that she was putting out the same concept but now solely focused on inner and outer beauty. I like the quote at the beginning of the book.

"To my mother. Who taught me that being a beautiful person goes beyond hair and makeup... but never failed to remind me to get my roots done."

It pretty much sums up my mother. She really is one of the biggest inspirations in my life. I hope I grow up to be as much of a strong and beautiful as she is.

Let's not forget that christmas isn't about gifts, it's about spending time with the people you love and being gorgeously comfortable.

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  1. i really want to get lauren conrad's book! :D

    <3, Mimi