Lipstick by H&M review: Worth a try?


When large clothing companies suddenly branch out to cosmetics it is usually safe to hold your hand on your wallet for a little while. The chalky pigmentless eyeshadows from H&M have been around for some time already, and they certainly are not worth your money. The other day I was in H&M with my mother, shopping the sales when I stumbled upon a new swanky rack filled with lipsticks in a bunch of colors under the rainbow. They sparked my curiosity and I cheekily opened one of the plastic packages, the color looked just like the little plastic bit at the bottom. I looked around if I could spot any employees and when I ruled the coast clear I swatched one of the colors on the back of my hand. I know, terrible and unhygienic, but I'd like to know what I am spending €4,95 on. I decided to take home two of these lipsticks because I still had a five euro off voucher that I had received when purchasing Christmas presents a couple of weeks before.

The lipsticks come in a sleek packaging that doesn't feel cheap or plastic-y to me. I love the colored bit at the bottom, it makes it very easy to tell what color it is when stored away. Allowing you to easily grab the shade you were looking for instead of having to decap each lipstick. They each have their own name, which I think is always such a nice detail.

Names like darling pink, wild thing, fiji fling and up all night are just that much more entertaining than a simple red, pink or beige. 

Now let's talk formulation. The H&M lipsticks are all a creamy formula, they easily glide onto the lips and I don't feel like they settle into lines or cracks that much. As with all lipsticks, it's best to apply onto moisturized lips that are free of flaky bits. The formula is soft and doesn't feel drying. The color does need a couple swipes to fully shine. But once done, the colors are amazing. 


Fiji fling is an orange tinted red, it looks much more orange in the tube than it does on the lips. So if you're looking for a good orange lipstick you are better of with MAC's Morange or Lady Danger.  It has a nice creamy shine to it, but if you want you can always add lipgloss to make it really pop. 

Pink Fool is an amazing almost neon fuchsia, this one is incredibly gorgeous. It feels luscious on my lips. I feel like it really pops if you add some pink blush onto your cheeks. For example ELF's Pink Passion powder blush.

These lipsticks are wonderful and priced at only €4,95 they are certainly worth your attention. They are going to be worn often by me, and I might be dropping into H&M soon to check out some of the other colors available.

Available at H&M for €4,95


  1. I wan to try these now.They look lovely on you

    Miri xx

  2. Thank you for the review. I saw this lipstick a while ago in H&M in Austria, but I didn't want to buy them, because I wasn't sure, if they'll be worth the money. Next time I'll go in Austria, I'll definitelly take some of them. Pink Fool looks amazing. :)