Catrice new additions: Matte Lipsticks

Catricemattelipsticks mattelipsticksswatchmattaboutpinkitsamattworld

My favorite finish in lipstick is probably satin. Matte and smooth in color with the tiniest hint of a sheen to it. Second favorite is matte. Full on matte. I have plenty of matte lipsticks lying around in my lipstick drawer, but a few new additions are never unwelcome to my stack.

With Catrice's new additions to their permanent line they also included two matte lipsticks, in great wearable classic colors. The pinky coral called 'Matt about Pink' and the classic red 'It's a matt world'. At €3,99 each I usually don't expect a lot from a lipstick. But Catrice knows how to make a good product.

The application of these puppies is surprisingly easy. I know plenty of matte finishes that are a pain to get on to the lips. *cough*macrimmel*cough*. They glide on super easy, and then settle on the lip in a gorgeous matte finish. They aren't fully matte, in my opinion. Because of their softness they don't cause your lips to feel dry and uncomfortable at all.

The creaminess does make them last a bit shorter than other matte lipsticks. But they still last a decent amount of time. They would survive a cup of tea, maybe even two. But don't go out and think this will survive a full on night on the town.

Catrice lipsticks are available in thousands of drugstores across the continent
€3,99 each

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