Skincare Staples

Skincare is probably my biggest love at the moment. I'd rather buy an amazing new treatment rather than a lipstick. I know... WEIRD! I've been obsessed with finding the perfect products to make my skin lovely, radiant and spot free. And these products are my favorites at the moment. 

Bioderma's Crealine H2O has been raved on many beauty blogs and is a staple for a ton of makeup artists. I've mentioned it in my favorites videos and skincare posts before. I get mine from eBay. The seller is monsieurgeorgew, so just google that and you'll find the eBay store stocked with tons of French pharmacy skincare. 

I've also mentioned the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant before. I'm still using the sample size one I received in one of my first ever Glossyboxes. This powder product lathers beautifully between wet hands and it makes your skin feel baby soft. Three things I've been loving but that I have yet to mention on this blog are definitely worth some lines. 


Origins Drink Up Intensive overnight mask is gorgeous. To be honest I was a little scared at first. The idea of putting this incredibly rich mask onto my skin and leaving it on for the entire night was frightening me. I had this nasty thought that I would wake up with an insanely oily face. But none of that happened. After a couple of uses (about twice a week after exfoliation) I noticed I was waking up with lovely soft radiant skin that was thorougly hydrated. A new love. Bloody expensive, but worth the money.

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo a skincare cult favorite. This treatment is supposed to clean out pores, refine the skin and battle spots. And I find that it does just that. I use this product every single day, mostly in the evenings, but I when my skin needs it it gets a morning use as well. This product has really helped curing some terrible spots that I was having around my mouth.  It's a little miracle worker. Making my skin a little better each night.

After running out of my precious Obagi Cream Care cleaner, which has been mentioned plenty of times on here, I was really on the hunt for a new one. I tried several samples but found them all too harsh on my dryness prone skin. The description and ingredients in the Decubal skincare line really interested me. There was no sample for me to use, but at a pricetag of €8,99 I was willing to take the plunge and buy myself the Decubal Cleansing Foam. Generally, anything with foam in the title scares me shitless. Foam/soap tends to really dry my skin and make it tight. However all of Decubal's products are geared towards overly sensitive and dry skins. 

The liquid in the pump comes out as a rich moisturizing foam that effectively cleans of the gunk of the day. After Bioderma has already cleaned most of my remaining makeup. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated and soft. It has really aided in clearing up my skin. 

What are your favorite skincare items?



  1. I really love LRP effaclar duo too! Is yours the US or EU version?

    1. I'm guessing it's the EU version, since it was purchased right here in my country.

  2. I bought Effaclar Duo and i'm in love! The Bioderma's Crealine H2O is in my wishlist!


    1. Try to get it if you can! It really is the best yet most gentle makeup remover I have ever used.