The Quickie: Vaseline Spray & Go



There are certain things in life that after a while can begin to feel like chores. Like getting a dog when you're young. At first you love the animal to death and you can't imagine ever not wanting to take it outside for a walk. But after a while you're just not that excited to walk in the rain while it eats snails and pulls you into mud. You never stop loving it to death, though. Something I don't love to death... body moisturising. 

Although the skin on my body can get so dry that it itches and flakes (I know, ew) I just can't seem to keep up a healthy habit of applying body moisturiser. I find the process tedious, and I can't stand waiting around forever until you don't feel sticky anymore. Que the brand new innovation by the people over at Vaseline. They developed a product that not only comes in a nifty spray, but on top of that it also soaks into your skin before you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. 

With the aid of this new product I have started a habit of moisturising twice daily. When I wake up and before I go to bed. I wanted to see how fast I could do my whole moisturising routine so I timed myself. Amazingly, I finished just under a minute! What I do is spray my entire body, legs get a little extra attention. Then I quickly rub it in and the formula soaks in under ten seconds. I'm fully moisturised and ready to put my clothes on. Perfect. 

As far as actually moisturising goes, it's not up too par with let's say, a The Body Shop Body Butter. But considering I can only muster up the effort of applying a body butter once a week, during my pamper session, the Vaseline Spray & Go is my moisturising method of choice. The daily hydration boost has been helping my skin cope with the temperature change and it's also aiding in prolonging my tan. 

I got the Cocoa Radiant version which smells really sweet and slightly chemical, but the scent doesn't linger during the day. I think this is such a great new product because it makes something I used to hate into something that doesn't take over a minute to do, and the benefits for my skin are endless. 

Vaseline Spray & Go is available in drugstores all over the world. 

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