The Mani Month: Day Twenty-one

Fit for a queen

Fit for a queen swatch

Ciaté really knows how to tempt a beauty lover into buying more. They made an advent calendar filled with nail polish, which honestly is the best idea ever. During the twenty four days leading up to Christmas I'll be opening up a square each day and showing you which Ciaté nail polish is hiding behind it.

The start of winter, the shortest day of the year and also the day I celebrate my birthday with my friends and family. As I have mentioned before I was born on Christmas Eve, but we always hold the party the Saturday before my birthday because it just works out a whole lot better with everyone's schedule.

The color from today's square is called Fit for a Queen and it's a very suitable color for the shortest day of the year. It's a frosty metallic silver shade that performs beautifully in just two coats. Depending on your outfit, this could be a really great Christmas shade.

I'm going to leave it at that for today, we still have so many preparations before tonight's party. And I haven't even figured out yet what I am going to wear! Stress!


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