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It took a while but I finally bit the bullet and ordered myself the MAC Ruby Woo lipstick. My go to lipstick color is definitely red. I feel empowered when I wear a red lip. It brings interest and mysteriousness to a makeup look. The right shade can lift your features, brighten your teeth and make you look like a bombshell from the 40s.

Ruby Woo is one of the best selling shades that MAC does. Tons of celebrities claim this as their all time favorite and Rihanna even made a slightly different version of this in her first collaboration with the brand. I had somehow convinced myself that I didn't need this, that my red lipstick collection was already a little too big as it is. But after some late night Tumblr and Pinterest sessions when the boyfriend was away in Malta, I somehow became un-convinced and I developed a deep want for this shade.

I ordered it from one of my favorite Dutch department stores the next day and it arrived the following morning. My first thought when I used this was that this is probably the driest lipstick I have ever used. It's quite hard to get a proper application straight out of the bullet. I used a Real Techniques brush to apply this, and that worked perfectly. Part of this dryness is what makes this lipstick fabulous. It doesn't go anywhere. It's a seriously long lasting color. I applied this around noon and it survived loads of tea, cookies and even dinner before I washed it off with a heavy duty makeup remover later that evening.

The shade is definitely a classic deep red. A bit darker than my usual red lipsticks. This has a blue undertone which does fabulous things for your teeth (read: optical illusion which makes them look whiter) as opposed to yellow toned reds. I love how this shade brightened up my face. I feel like I don't even need to wear a whole lot more makeup with this. Ruby Woo gives me that je ne sais quoi, we all seem to be looking for.

I am in love with this lipstick, and it quickly made its way into my daily essentials. As you could see in yesterday's What's In My Bag post. I always carry a nude gloss and a red lipstick, because you never know where the day is going to go.

If you somehow convinced yourself you didn't need this, you're wrong. Get this. It's awesome.


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