Review: L'Oreal HappyDerm


Today I'll be reviewing a moisturizer by L'Oreal, Happy-derm. The packaging claims:

"What is happy skin? A happy skin is well hydrated, supple and soft. The complexion is fresh and glowing. Radiant and relaxed, like during a vacation, the skin looks good.

From the first use Happy-derm makes your skin glow with joy. It's hydrated and comfortable for the next 24 hours, it's protected the entire day. The skin is glowing and radiant, signs of fatigue and stress disappear, the instructions improve the micro-circulation of your skin. The skin feels like velvet, uniform and smooth, like a peach."

On the side of the packaging there's a mini instruction on how to apply, plus a short facial massage technique that helps improve your skin's circulation.

This moisturizer has been on the market for quite a while now, I just never tried it. After my last moisturizer debacle (to be heard from in my collective haul video, available on my youtube channel) I really wanted to find something that was good for my skin. I had tried the triple active line by L'Oreal before, but in my opinion that moisturizer tends to make my skin a little too oily for my taste.

So when my local drugstore had a 50% off on all L'Oreal products I went there and picked up some new stuff (some lipglosses and a colour appeal trio as well). That was about two weeks ago, and now I feel like I've tried it long enough to give a proper review on it.

I apply this moisturizer in both mornings and evenings, at night I do the little facial massage (I just can't find the time in the mornings to do this). It has a delicious perfume which, thank the heavens, my skin doesn't react to. It makes your skin feel soft like velvet. The formula has tiny tiny tiny shimmering particles in it, which provides your skin with a healthy glow. It hydrates your skin fantastically, I don't have any dry spots on my face anymore.

It also comes in a peach coloured pump, the colour is identical to the formula inside. I love it when stuff comes in pumps, just because it is so much cleaner than having to dip your fingers (even if they are clean) into a little pot.

Overall I'm really satisfied with this moisturizer. It does a lot of great things for my skin.

It normally cost around €9,95 at drugstores. I got it on sale for €5,00. It should be available at most drugstores, but since it is a bit of an older product, some stores might have discontinued it.

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