Review: Garnier Pure Active products

Review: Garnier Pure Active Line
Products in this line:
Pure Active facial scrub (removes blackheads)
Pure Active deep pore unclogging wash
Pure Active moisturizer (cures red spots within 24 hours)
Pure Active spot-on roll on
Pure Active exfobrusher (deep cleaning)
Pure Active anti-pimples lotion

The products in bold are the ones I’ve used and tested, the deep pore unclogging wash isn’t available in the Netherlands, and I prefer not to use roll on things because they tend to tug at your eyes and leave the skin feeling dry and disgusting.

On to the review

I’ve been using the products from this line for a while now. They claim to free your skin from blemishes, take away blackheads and prevent new pimples and blackheads from showing up.

I quite like this line, because when I break out it cures the skin and restores it back to its soft and clear shape very quickly. Within two days of starting the routine, most of the break out will have disappeared. I only use this when I have broken out, because the formula of these products is quite aggressive, especially the anti pimple lotion, it really stings when you apply it onto a red spot on your face. Using this on a regular basis when your skin doesn’t break out all that often isn’t recommended , because it really tends to dry out your skin.

I would recommend this product to anyone who gets bad skin, or has bad skin. Once your skin is cured, switch to a milder product and just clean your face twice a day. When you wake up and when you go to sleep, this is the best way to make sure your skin will stay clear of breakouts.

This was written during my biology class so ignore any spelling mistakes. I’ll fix them later.

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