Review and Comparison: DRY SHAMPOO


If you live in the Netherlands and you watch television, if only just a little, you must have seen the abundance of commercials for Andrelon and Syoss dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is slowly taking the Dutch world by storm. However, it has already been a trend in the US and UK for a while now.

I searched and searched in the Netherlands but couldn't find any dry shampoos that looked/sounded promising, or they were ridiculously overpriced. If it costs €20 to spray my hair once or twice with some nice smelling powder, I'd rather just wash it again.

But now.... two major hair care and styling companies came with their version of dry shampoo. First came Andrelon and then followed Syoss. Overall, I'm a bigger fan of Syoss. Their styling products have better hold and better smells, plus their packaging is super nice. I don't like the regular shampoos from either brand, but enough on that. Let's focus on the task at hand. The actual review of these dry shampoos.

Syoss came out with two dry shampoos, 'Anti Grease' and 'Volume Lif't', since the Andrelon one is called 'Surprsing Volume' I decided to purchase and test the 'Volume Lift' one. A little background info on my hairtype. I have a lot of thick heavy hair, it doesn't get greasy quickly, only when I touch it a lot.

You spray both products at the root of your hair, where the grease develops. It's a powder in a spray can, make sure the can was shaken thoroughly before you spray it in short quick bursts. Leave the product to soak up the oils and grease and then brush or shake out your locks to leave them looking fresh and smelling lovely.

I adore the smell on both products, but when I used the Andrelon one, my boyfriend commented saying my hair smelled lovely that day.

As for the volume. Both products create a decent amount of volume in my heavy hair. However, the Andrelon one performs just a little better in my opinion. Plus, Andrelon's dry shampoo creates more texture in my otherwise super smooth hair, which makes it easier to work with and style, because hairtools and aids (grips, bands, elastics) hold better on texturized hair.

Whilst both shampoos perform up to par, I love the Andrelon just a little more. Syoss comes in a 500 ml spray can and will cost you up to €5,99 a can. Andrelon comes in 536 ml spray can and will cost you up to €4,99.

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