Paris Memories Nail Polish Review


It’s the memories that count

I confess, I’m a sucker for all things budget. Budget is almost a magic word, and when I find out that these so-called budget products also seem to work perfectly on me, I’m a happy Kelly. But if you’ve been following my blog… you already know that.

On the menu today, budget nail polish. Paris Memories Nail Polish to be exact. The other day I was at the checkout of my favorite perfumery and saw a big vase filled with adorable colors of nail polish. The checkout lady was quick to inform me that these sweeties were only €0,99 a piece, and that with my member card I’d get an additional 10% off. I picked up three of these the first time around. A week later I was there again and bought two more and this morning I went back for another three colors. Don’t judge me, I like pretty things.

Like I expected, it took about three coats of the really light colors to become opaque, but oh what a beautiful color it is when applied to your nails. The darker colors work perfectly within two coats, and the purple glitter is gorgeous as a top coat with another opaque color underneath.

The polishes have a slightly thinner brush than your average nail polish, but I’m quite pleased with that because it allows you to precisely paint your nails, even the small/short ones. The polish itself is also on the thinner side, but it’s definitely not impossible to be neat with it.

These colors last about three days without chipping on me, depending on the top coat (OPI Start to Finish Strengthener, Base and Top coat in one) and the activities I’m up to. I unpack a lot of boxes at work once a week, and that’s always horror for my nails.

The color selection of these nail polishes isn’t that amazing. They most stick to reds, pinks and purples. With the exception of my orange and black with silver glitter one.

Below you will find pictures of the eight colors that are in my possession.

- Low price
- Pretty colors
- Staying power
- Fine brush

- They don’t have names, only complicated numbers
- Availability (at Dutch Douglas stores and some budget drugstores)


PMNP 204
PMNP 256
PMNP 229
PMNP 238
PMNP 230
PMNP 285
PMNP 253
PMNP 255

I'm having some nailwheels delivered to my house shortly, I will swatch the polishes then and add them to this post. So stay tuned!

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