Douglas Absolute Nails Nail Polish Review


The other day I was browsing through my favorite shop, the one where I ran into the amazing budget nail polish I blogged about yesterday, and saw that they had expanded their home brand once more. Douglas has been promoting their own cosmetics brand for a while now, they carry small eyeshadow palettes, mascaras and highlighter and some other things that in my honest opinion aren't that great quality. But when I saw these nailpolishes I was intrigued. The color on the far left immediately sparked my eye. It looked so gorgeous in the display.

Most of the colors they carry aren't that spectacular and already plenty represented in my collection, so I passed those up. But there were three colors that I liked, and because these retails at €4,95 a pop I decided to use my trusty giftcards I got for my birthday and get myself a few.

I purchased Firework (15), Precious (13) and Elena (12). Below you'll find the pictures and swatches of these babies! With my final judgement written below.


'Precious' is a gorgeous berry color with a hint of sparkle in it. The sheen it has is beautiful. The polish itself is on the thicker side, but nothing unmanageable. Drying time of this polish is average to long.


Next up is Elena. Elena is a blue/grey metallic. It covers beautifully in just two coats. Again this polish is on the thicker side. The drying time of this polish, however, is quite long. I did nothing while letting the polish dry but after twenty minutes and grabbed onto something and the entire polish slid right off my nails. I recommend using some form of drying spray/drops (for example: OPI's Drip Dry Lacquer Drying Drops).


And the real beauty of the three. Firework. I saw this little fella in the display and immediately gravitated towards it. What a gorgeous duo-chrome metallic polish! When you move the bottle in the light it shifts from golden to green-ish to blue-ish. It's so gorgeous. Also on the thicker side and if you don't watch your coats it can become a bit streaky. Nothing a good top coat won't fix, though. I suggest OPI's Start To Finish, it works like a charm on me!

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