MAC Pink Nouveau Lipstick Review


After turning nineteen I got so many giftcards from Douglas that I had no idea what to spend them on. I really needed to stop buying nailpolish before my new storage system would already be too small, and I was kind of through with buying things that I needed. And then I realized that there are some Douglas stores in the Netherlands that carry MAC products. I called one of the stores to ask them if I could use the giftcards for these products as well. And I could!

So after classes last Friday I travelled to the nearest city that carried MAC makeup and started browsing the counter. The lovely man there helped me pick a lipstick. I told him I wanted something bright and bold, that still could work during the day. After trying multiple colors and formulations we landed on Pink Nouveau. And ding ding ding we had a winner!

Apparently, Pink Nouveau is one of MAC's best selling lipsticks. Lady Gaga has claimed to be obsessed with this lipstick for years and it is the lipstick that she based her first Viva Glam on. Which is why they are so similar in color.

Lady Gaga wearing Pink Nouveau. It's a stunner, isn't it?


Pink Nouveau is a satin finish lipstick. Which means it's quite opaque and matte on the lips with just the tiniest bit of sheen. It glides onto my lips perfectly when they are moisturized. It wears for quite a long time and doesn't feather into the small lines around my lips. It does feel a little bit drying on the lips, but that is nothing a little lipbalm/chapstick doesn't fix.


Pink Nouveau is a blue toned bright pink color. It's a color that works on most skintones, however, if you are really yellow toned and have pigmented lips it can look more purplish on you. Which might not be your look, but you'll have to see for yourself.



If you are looking for a bright pink lipstick that has great wear and works during the day with a simple eye make-up but also works gorgeously with a little more dramatic look for that special occasion. I wore it to a party this weekend and the guys were so entranced by my applying lipstick that they asked to have it applied as well. I confess, there might have been some alcohol involved.

I am in love with this lipstick and have pretty much been wearing it ever since I bought it. It's quickly becoming my signature color and I am definitely repurchasing.


- gorgeous color
- long wearing
- works on most skintones

- quite expensive
- bit drying on the lips


  1. Goede aankoop! Love it! Ik vraag me nu af wat het verschil is met -Show Orchid en Pink Nouveau?


  2. ooo love this- going to track it down. I only have red's from MAC thus far.