On Wednesdays We Wear PINK [NOTD + review]


On Wednesdays we wear pink! I'm joining this movement. In the movie Mean Girls the plastics wear pink every monday. And the OWWWP-movement liked that so much that they incorporated that little rule into their daily lives. Instead of rocking a pink clothing item, we rock a pink nail. So, that's a different pink nail polish every single week. You don't have to do it every week, but it's a great initiative. You can click the link at the beginning of the post and sign up yourself. They have pretty buttons you can put on your website/blog!

The color of choice this week is ANNY's Summer Dream. I spent the remainder of my giftcard on this polish. I had seen the display a couple of times before but was never really tempted to check out any of the colors. But the other day I was looking for a nice new pink polish and started browsing the display. I came across this color and instantly fell in love with it.

ANNY is a German nail polish and nail care brand. They have 108 different colors of polish plus a trend collection that changes once every couple months. Right now they are selling the It's Snow Time-collection.

This nail of the day is an absolute RAVE! I wish I could kick myself in the head for not trying these polishes before. They have such a wonderful range of colors and finishes, they paint onto nails beautifully, dry really quickly and the best part..... THEY DON'T CHIP.

I put this color on my nails last friday, I worked that night and the day after. And that day of working included me constantly dipping my hands in water whilst cleaning every nook and cranny of the store. And the first chip appeared YESTERDAY. Oh yeah, did I mention that I hadn't applied a top coat? (I know, bad Kelly)

I want more of these colors, I'm sure I'll expand my collection with some nice colors for spring and summer! Probably a yellow, a blue and a nice bright red. And we'll see what the next trend collection brings...

ANNY nail polish comes in a 15 ml bottle and retails at Douglas for €9,50. (That's the same size bottle as OPI but about a third cheaper. And my OPI polishes start chipping the next day even when I'm wearing a top coat)



I want to make another pro/con list. But to be honest, there are no cons. The world would really be perfect if they were just a little bit cheaper. But I'm willing to pay for great quality. Are you?


  1. Such a sweet shade! :) xxxxxxxxxx


  2. Nagellakverslaafde ;-), mooie kleurtje! Krijg er meteen zin in de lente!


  3. Anonymous22/1/12 15:00

    Nice one !