Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate lipstick review


A review of the Rimmel London's Lasting Finish lipstick by Kate. Kate Moss, supermodel extraordinaire, came out with her own range of lipstick with the brands after being the face for lord knows how many years. The by Kate line has a bunch of different colors. From Kate's signature red lips to nude, to fuchsia and even a strange dark purple that definitely needs some courage to pull off!

I got number 01, which is supposedly Kate's signature color and the one she wears in the campaign. It's a nice bright red color. Perfect for most skintones, but be careful with teeth. For they might enhance the yellowness of your not so pearly whites.

The packaging of these lipsticks is gorgeous. It's very simple and classic. Just plain black matte tubes with red 'Kate' lettering on it, followed by an adorable little heart. It does feel quite light, so it might fall victim to heavy items in your bag.


The lipstick, as all the other lipsticks in the range, have a creamy finish. So they look shiny and creamy on the lips but don't have any shimmer of glitter particles in them. I love the look it gives to your lips.

It glides onto lips beautifully, straight from the tube or applied with a lip brush. I recommend using a lip brush with the brighter colors, for it is quite easy to stray outside the boundaries of your lips.


The red of this color is gorgeous. This is definitely not the first red in my collection, but it is a really nice and a great new addition.


Excuse my slightly dodgy looking foundation in the swatch. I tried the Catrice Photo Finish Liquid Foundation and it oxidized and gathered in all the wrong places. But at least you can see the prettiness of the lipstick, right! (Also, see that little stripe on my chin? That's a scar from when I was nine years old.)

I am really happy with this lipstick, and I might just go back to Kruidvat tomorrow and pick up two more. Because I really like number 02 and 03. They normally retail for €9,49 but they are on offer at Kruidvat right now for five bucks a piece.

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  1. Thank you so much honey!
    Wow, awesome color, love it!