Essence Stay With Me longlasting lipgloss review


I think I have said it countless times, but I am definitely a lipstick girl. That, however, does not stop me from buying lipglosses. I shamefully admit that I have a basket filled with lipglosses. I would like to say they are the colors of the rainbow… but they’re mostly pink. I think it’s the displays in the shops. Where all the colorful tubes are lined up under warm fluorescent lights, they just tempt me, lure me in. Oh boy, I really am pathetic when it comes to having self-control, right?

Enough chit chat, let’s get down to business. Today I bring you a review of the Essence ‘Stay With Me’ Long lasting lipgloss. Essence is a brand that has been growing on me lately. Their nail polishes have time and time again proven to be great. I own about four of their gel eyeliner brushes because they are perfect for.. well, gel eyeliner. But they work like an ABSOLUTE charm on my brows. And let’s not forget to mention that their limited editions are often adorable and introduce us to brand new products and interesting colors. But the most important part…


So, the fact that I hardly wear these glosses and will probably never finish them before they go dodgy, is slightly less shameful knowing I only paid a tiny amount of money for them…

And now for the actual review…


This is what essence says about these lipsticks.

“The name of this lipgloss could not be more appropriate: if you try it once, you'll never want to give it up again! the color-intensive texture is so wonderfully creamy and durable – without leaving a sticky feeling behind, that it's simply irresistible. the special shape of the precision applicator allows an effortless application. Six trendy colors are waiting to awaken those spring feelings and invite you to a creative styling session!”


Do I agree? Yes and no. They are alright when it comes to color, as you can see on the swatches below. And the applicator allowing effortless application… effortless maybe not, but it certainly isn’t difficult. It works better on your bottom lip than your upper, but it’s certainly a nice change to your usual doe-foot applicator.

Me and My Icecream | My favorite milkshake

Bare lips

Me and My Icecream

My Favorite Milkshake

But the formula not being sticky, wonderfully creamy and last but definitely not least when a lipgloss is labeled ‘long lasting’ durable. I’m not so sure. Well actually, I am sure. They’re just not.

They aren’t creamy, they are sticky. Like regular sticky lipglosses. And while sticky lipglosses do tend to last longer on lips, this is going to need reapplying after you have a drink or a bite to eat. God forbid, a kiss from your boyfriend. Though I have yet to meet the man that doesn’t mind a lipgloss kiss. They also have a quite artificial sweet smell, but if you don’t mind flavors and scents added to products, then that shouldn’t be a downside.

If you don’t mind the feeling and stickiness of lipgloss, then these ‘Stay With Me’ lipglosses are perfect for you. I will store these little tubes in my lipgloss basket and whip them out when they are appropriate for the look I am wearing. Probably just tutorials, or looks of the day.

Essence Stay With Me Long Lasting Lipgloss comes in a 4ml tube and it’s recommended retail price is €1,99.


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  2. I'm not a big fan of lipgloss. But -icecream- looks good.

    You works hard on your blog. Good job!