I'd like to take a minute and point you to this new wonderful website. Well actually, hellocotton isn't that new. But it is new to me.

Hellocotton was created in Paris in 2008. As an initiative to bring together all the talented female bloggers that the web seemed to be flooded with. In a way it is comparable to BlogLovin' and Google Friend Connect, for it is a place where you can view and follow blogs and see all the new posts in one collected place.

But with Google closing the doors on GFC and Bloglovin being, in my opinion, a really impersonal platform, hellocotton is just what we need.

With hellocotton your followers aren't called followers, they're your friends. They have a name and a face and often a really fun blog you can check out as well. You can leave messages on their pages, like their posts or comment on them straight from the hellocotton website. It brings a new dimension to blogging and interacting with the people that read your blog, and I really like doing it.

I joined hellocotton on sunday, and I just reached 14 followers, and today, my MAC Viva Glam review was featured on the 'popular beauty posts' page. And let me just say, my page views have sky-rocketed. I have discovered many great blogs that I otherwise would not have stumbled upon.

So I suggest you go and join hellocotton today, because it is a great experience and it really brings more joy and fun into blogging.

FOLLOW THIS LINK TO GO TO THE HELLOCOTTON WEBSITE and see that little white and pink button at the top in the sidebar? Click it to follow secondhandspring on hellocotton, I would love you for it!

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  1. I joined Hello Cotton too but I really didn't understand what it was (I like it though)... but you summed it up really well!!!