When Ariel Goes Goth


When plans change, I do my nails. I love having a moment to myself where I can just file away, treat my nails to a lovely little hydrating mask and buff away with my little nail block to create wonderful new blank canvases where I can put new polish onto until my heart's content.

Today, I wanted something dark, yet mermaid like. So I grabbed one of my favorite OPI polishes called 'Honk if you love OPI' and the blue-ish glitter from Paris Memories that I blogged about HERE. Too be honest, I wasn't expecting this beauty. Glitter coats tend to disappoint me thoroughly, needing about a dozen coats before it looks any good on nails. But this is just me wearing one coat of the glitter! It's brilliant and that for just one euro.

This is going to be such a pain to remove. Doesn't matter, it looks pretty.



  1. Love this - looks like the night sky with all the varying sizes of the glitter!

  2. I think this is beautiful! x

  3. I love the sort of galaxy effect that it makes. Looks good! :)