My week in photographs; midterms, flowers and color co-ordination

IMG00619-20120329-0849 IMG00614-20120328-1509 IMG00613-20120327-2245 IMG00611-20120326-1219 IMG00610-20120325-1646 IMG00608-20120324-1500 IMG00615-20120328-1536 IMG00628-20120329-1954 IMG00626-20120329-1825

1. sadly, this marked my week, mostly. MIDTERMS. I hate them, they stress me out, I can't spend as much time as I would want taking pictures and blogging.
2. A little brightening part of my week, tulips. I love them, especially in these bright spring colors.
3. My closet is color-coordinated. And my mom likes to mess that up by hanging items (that she wore) in random places. (I love her to death, though). I noticed this when I was reviewing the haul I had just edited. I went all 'YOU SNEAKY MOM! when I saw this. You should definitely click that link, the video is sooo funny. If I'm ever gonna have kids, I want kids like that.
4. Sorry if feet creep you out (I kind of get that way), but I just wanted to demonstrate how much better feet look with a nice color on the nails.
5. Simple face of the day. I love my black liner and bold lips. The sun was so pretty that day.
6. The first ever Dutch issue of Vogue. I wanted it soooo bad.
7. My lovely spring colored bouquet.
8. Tapas! I had my 'goodbye' dinner with my old colleagues. The food was lovely and they gave me a nice gift certificate. So you can expect a new MAC lipstick review on here soon enough. Or maybe a blush. I'm getting something from MAC with it, though.
9. My makeup of the evening. A recreation of Michele Phan's latest latest tutorial it super pretty and edgy. Don't you think?

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