Galaxies. I love them, they hold a certain mystery and magic that makes me want to know everything about them. But that is impossible, so I painted them on my nails. And yes, my nails are back, strong and healthier than ever. I want them to be straight, so that's why they are filed a little wonky now. But in time, my nails will be gorgeous.

At the bottom of this post there is a step by step tutorial on how to achieve this super simple yet amazing look. This was even my first attempt ever at galaxy nails! All you need is a bunch of colors/effects and a cosmetic sponge and you're good to go!

A close up shot of the nail design

An incredibly out of focus shot to show the effect the flakie top coat gives to this design


The products I used are in brackets behind the instruction
1. Paint your nails an opaque black color (GOSH 'Nero')
2. Take a cosmetic sponge, or a piece of it, and a navy nail polish and sponge on some random areas (OPI 'Russian Navy')
3. Take a light blue color and a clean piece of sponge and sponge that in some areas, blending it in with the navy color (Essence 'Absolutely Blue')
4. Do the same with a white color and a light pink (Catrice 'Snow Motion!' & OPI 'Shorts' Story)
5. Apply a flaky top coat over the design to give it more dimension and a 'star' like effect. (Essence 'Night in Vegas')
6. Lastly, apply a few pieces of round glitter polish with a sponge to give it even more dimension. (Paris Memories '253')

I hope this is helpful. And if you decide to do this tutorial, please send me a picture any way you can. Email me secondhandspring@hotmail.com or tweet me your result @kellynoelle_ I'm looking forward to seeing some results!


  1. I have loved galaxy nails for ages so I'm so glad you've posted a nice, easy to follow tutorial! (: I just need to buy similar polishes now as my collection is minimal :/ Love how they look though, I wish I had good nails like you, need to look after mine more (: x

  2. i've been looking for this everywhere! Thanks for the tutorial!