Outfit of the day: floral blouse

Oh boy am I in love with this blouse. The print is gorgeous, vibrant and oh so perfect for spring. I imagine getting tons of wear out of this little number. Sadly, it's H&M, so about 80% of the girls in this country are going to own the same blouse. But I style it in my own way!

All H&M, except for the shoes, which are Primark.


  1. LOL Chantal has that one too xD (She used it for the shoot I posted on my blog, bwhaha).
    It's awesome! Very bright.

  2. Haha not only the same blouse even the hair looks like how i had it on the shoot! all i can say: great outfit ;)

    1. Oh my, it totally does! Guess you subconsciously inspired me. I've been wearing my hair like this for the last week and a half, I needed something new! The blouse is so nice, right? A bit of a shame EVERYONE seems to have it. It looked great on you too!