INGLOT Freedom System Round Lipsticks [Review + Swatches]


My love for INGLOT is growing a little more everyday. Apart from their products being absolute dreams in application and duration, the girl at the nearest counter is just the most vibrant piece of humanity. She is so much fun, I can laugh with her and she informs me about the jokes going around among the department store floor staff. Sadly, Joyce was out sick when I visited yesterday. But there was another woman there who helped me perfectly. They are all just so nice.

Yesterday I added three freedom system round lipsticks to my ever growing INGLOT collection (the count is at 13 shadows, 3 lipsticks, a pigment, duraline and an amazing powder brush). And I didn't swatch them, not even in the store, until about three hours ago. And I am head over heels in love with all three of them.


INGLOT freedom system round lipsticks come in pan form, they do have some sticks, but I wanted a small palette with a number of shades I could just pop in my bag to always have an assortment of colors on hand. The lipstick palettes are available in the sizes 3,5,10 and 20. But the 3 pan palette is the only one that doesn't come in their signature magnetized packaging but in this little black matte box. It's perfect and light, yet it feels sturdy in your palm. It comes with a mirror and a little slot for a lipbrush to be put in. Perfect for on the road and when you're travelling and want a bunch of different colors.

I got the shades 34, a gorgeous light bright pink with a creamy finish on the lips. 90, an amazing vibrant purple color with a pearl finish. The shimmer in this one is to die for, even if I don't really care for shimmer all that much. And 09, an orange based bright red that works on nearly every skintone, again a creamy finish.



The pigmentation, as per usual, is amazeballs. This was done after just one light swipe of my lipbrush. You can really see the pretty shimmer of the purple lipstick in these photos.

And now for the swatches on the lips. All the pictures were taken in natural ligt, outside in the sun. Because the sun is really being kind to the Dutch people. Let's hope we can keep its company in the upcoming weeks.


They wear beautifully, you apply them with a lip brush which makes for perfect precise application. They cover fully after two thin layers (I don't like digging my brush into the product, it's so scary). The formulas are creamy and absolutely not drying on the lips. I've worn 09 for four hours now, had a snack and a glass of water and it has not faded. Which means the staying power is pretty good. I'm testing if they are smooch proof tonight, haha.

I really enjoy this lipstick and I think I will get another palette soon. And maybe some disposable lip applicators, because toting around a lipbrush and some rubbing alcohol to clean it seems a little silly.

A palette of three INGLOT freedom system round lipsticks retails for €15, the pants contain 1.2 grams or 0.05 US OZ.


  1. The pink is just perfect for you!! It suits you really really well

  2. what lovely colors! that pink one is beautiful!