China Glaze Capitol Colours Collection: Review and Swatches


About mid-march China Glaze released their Capitol Colours collection in collaboration with Lionsgate. The collection was inspired by the books and as a promotion for the (now released) the Hunger Games movie. At first there was a little drama with the naming when previously released names were changed. 

Also, any connection to the twelve districts were denied. But all us clever beauties/hunger games nerds out there figured it out soon enough. And we see a definite connection between the districts. Below is a list of the entire collection, along with a list of the polishes belonging to each district.

The three polishes in bold are the ones that I purchases and swatched later in this post.


District 1 - Luxury: Luxe & Lush
District 2 - Masonry: Stone Cold
District 3 - Technology: Riveting
District 4 - Fishing: Hook & Line
District 5 - Power: Electrify
District 6 - Transportation: Fast Track
District 7 - Lumber: Mahogany Magic
District 8 - Textiles: Dress Me Up
District 9 - Grain - Harvest Moon
District 10 - Livestock: Foie Gras
District 11 - Agriculture: Agro
Districht 12 - Mining: Smoke & Ashes

swatchstonecold STONECOLD

First up is Stone Cold, which is the color for district 2 Masonry. Stone Cold is a gorgeous dark grey matte color packed with silver specks. It applies perfectly opaque in just one coat. Normally mattes seem to look a little streaky, but not Stone Cold. I adore this! It dries quite fast, so if you want more than two coats (which I tend to do out of habit) act fast.

swatchriveting RIVETING

Then we have Riveting. It's for district 3 Technology. The application was a little tricky for me, because this is the first jelly polish I have ever used, and it was a little thin. So that will take some practice before that applies perfectly. 

But that doesn't take away from the fact that this polish is an absolute WONDER! It is an amazingly pigmented orange jelly with tons and tons of tiny gold and orange specks in it. It's super shiny and I love it to bits. It covers perfectly in two thin coats. 

swatchelectrify ELECTRIFY

Last, but definitely not least is Electrify, which is for district 5 Power. Electrify is a clear base packed with yellow gold and red glitter. The gold is definitely more noticeable on your nails, but the red shows up pretty good in pictures. On my nails you see from left to right 3 coats - 2 coats - 1 coat. I think this will look fabulous over a bright orange red color, or even over Riveting. I'll have to try that at some point.

I purchased my China Glaze polishes from the Dutch webshop Boozyshop where they retail for  €6,95 per 14 ml bottle. They are also available at Ulta, Sally's Beauty Supply, and multiple online stores. Prices may vary.

I definitely think checking out this collection is worthwhile! I love  three colors that I got. And I just found out there's a wholesale place in my city where they sell China Glaze as well, so I might go and check that out to see if I can get some more bottles.


  1. LOVE IT!!!! i have District 10 - Livestock: Foie Gras on my nails right now :)

  2. Ik vind de donkergrijze mooi!

  3. amazing colours! super cute blog! xx