What's in my bag?


Oi, what's this? No nail polish? Today I bring you a 'what's in my bag' picture. The contents of my bag change all the time, but these items are the solid fixtures. (Normally there's a ridiculous amount of food in it as well.)

In columns starting from the left
1. Pink notebook 2. iPod Classic 120 GB 3. LUSH Dream Cream 4. White leather business card holder 5. Coral card holder for my college ID, driver's license, bank card and public transportation card 6. INGLOT lipstick palette 7. Aviator sunglasses 8. Passport 9. iPhone 10. OPI edge file 11. A nude and a bright lipstick 12. Breathmints 13. Perfume sample


  1. I love your pink diary! Where did you get it from? :)

    Ysis from lebeautygirl.com

    1. It was a gift with purchase with I Love... products. It has I Love... embossed on the back. It's such a nice diary, perfect for quick notes and thoughts.