If you woke up with all but 5 makeup items, which would it be?

Hello beauties,

Doing my usual blog round I stumbled upon this incredibly fun post by Lennyn B. Go check out her blog, it's so cute! She wrote about what she would do if all of her makeup disappeared. What items would you repurchase? 

I got really inspired by that, and decided to make my own little list. So think of this scenario. You wake up one morning and all of your makeup has disappeard, except for five of your favorite products. Think long and hard and then answer the question....

If you could only have five makeup items for the rest of your life, which ones would it be?

These are my answers..

For me, it’s pretty clear that I can’t live without my black eyeliner. And because I’m the most skilled with gel eyeliner. I’m gonna go with MAC fluidline in blacktrack.


My second item would have to be a lipstick of course. Since I am an absolute addict of super bright lipsticks. Of all the lipsticks I own I think I’d go with my new MAC Lady Danger matte lipstick. It’s the perfect color. It’s bright and orange/red matte formula, so it’s like the best of all the worlds combined into one lipstick. 

mascara mascarastep1 mascarastep2

My Bourjois Volumizer Mascara is a definite must. I can’t believe I haven’t reviewed this yet! But I guess since it’s been all over the blog-o-sphere, that’s not really necessary. Anyway, for me this is the perfect all in one mascara. I often use just step 1, which gives you lovely volumised but still natural looking lashes. And if I want to go all out full on dramatic with my lashes, step 2 comes into play. 

blushbronzerduo blushbronzer

The ELF Blush & Contour Duo is also an absolute must. The blush color is perfect for that right amount of healthy flush/glow and the bronzer is just the right color for my skin. And it’s so cheap!


And then last, but certainly not least, I’d go for my Bourjois Healthy Balance powder. This powder is the best for balancing out slight redness and keeping the shine at bay. Perfect for everyday use.

That’s it, my five makeup items I would chose to keep if all of my makeup were to be taken away from me. I’m quite curious to see what other people would choose? Which are your staple items that you just can’t live without.  


  1. hehe glad you liked my post doll. As an avid gel/cream liner user I keep saying im going to try MAC's but forget everytime I go in..u just reminded me again. Great pics:)
    Sara xx http://beautifulworldoflennynb.blogspot.ca/

  2. haha meant great picks..im tired lol

  3. What a cute post idea! I too love my MAC Blacktrack fluid line- reach for it every morning :)

    xx Louise

  4. Loving your hair in these photos. Looking lovely as ever in pink, or
    pretty in pink I should say. I'm with you on the gardening Whatever!
    Second Hand Vans