Lady Danger MAC Lipstick Review


Made another MAC purchase yesterday! I love MAC and their lipsticks, they have the widest range of shades and finishes. It is impossible not to succeed when looking for a fun new color in there.

I asked the wonderfully nice makeup artist there what color she would recommend, and she immediately grabbed a number of red shades, I liked her already! She swatched a number of lipsticks and at the very last... she swatched this baby. The brightness and the orange immediately caught my eye.

This is Lady Danger, a matte finish lipstick in a gorgeous vivid bright coral red, as MAC describes. I love love love it.

When she told me the name of this lipstick, I immediately thought of Heis from the amazing blog Mw. Ekster. She once told me that I should try out this lipstick, and I did put it on my list but I kind of forgot about it afterwards. But I'm so glad I got it now!



The color is nice and unique. I don't have anything like it in my collection. Plus I love the fact that it is a matte finish. In my opinion matte and satin finishes look the best on lips. I don't like looking like someone piled a pot of glitter on my lips.


And this is how it looks on me! I so strongly dislike taking full face pictures, but it looks best like this. The lipstick has pretty good wear, after my dinner it was still mostly there. Be sure to cary a lipbalm with you at all times, because boy, this things dries your pucker out like crazy. That's the downside of matte finishes...


  1. You look lovely with that color!

  2. Wow, show stopper color and looks amazing on you!


  3. and it looks beautiful on you! i have been wanting this lipstick, but keep forgetting to google swatches. you've convinced me! lol

  4. This looks so pretty on you!! I wish I could pull off such a bright shade xxx

  5. Yay! You bought it! And it looks great on you. Let the summer begin!