My week in photographs: lipsticks, dresses and tattoos

IMG00651-20120406-1507 IMG00646-20120404-2024IMG00652-20120406-1515 IMG00647-20120405-1444 IMG00648-20120406-1504 IMG00641-20120403-1629 IMG00636-20120403-1516 IMG00631-20120401-1355 IMG00654-20120406-1542 IMG00634-20120402-1934

1. My favorite sight in the world!
2. I drew a heart tattoo on my finger. I might even get it tattooed, I really like it.
3. New purchase! You'll see what I bought in the next post.
4. Mom and I went shopping for a new ride, we have yet to decide on a color
5. Swatched some of the new L'Oreal Rouge Caresse lipsticks. I like the way they glide on, but I prefer much more opaque lipsticks.
6. Unhealthy eatin', because I can
7. Helped out my best friend getting his new apartment together.
8. Started reading this book! It's so difficult, one of the few times I remember that English isn't my first language.
9. Tried on a peplum dress at H&M. I'm not sure if it works on me, with my hips being all wide and such.
10. I sprained my ankle, at the beginning of this week. It's pretty much healed now, a bit of a sore spot. Walking was a bit difficult for a few days...


  1. Looks like a good time! except the sprained ankle of course! feel better hon :)


  2. O my, get well soon!
    Like the fake tattoo. You should take one!
    ooo lalala, which color did you bought?

    Fijne pasen nog!


  3. awww i hope your ankle feels better! fantastic photos! have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your holiday!