My life in instagrams #1

1. The usual makeup 2. DATE NIGHT! 3. My new Zara babies 4. PIZZA! 5. China Glaze Hunger Games polishes, love the colors. 6. My guilty pleasure, once a week 7. New Dutch Grazia 8. Blogging is my favorite thing 9. Riveting from China Glaze
instagram 3
10. Queen's Day nails and makeup 11. My uniform, school days are a variation of this outfit 12. Pink flowers in our front yard 13. Essie nail polishes now being sold in drugstores 14. My nail polish box is completely full 15. Cake from a cup, out of a cup, covered in peanut butter 16. A hundred trampled cups on the floor, got to love Queen's Day. 17. Snack time! 18. Manicure time!
19. Outfit 20. My first ever ebay purchase 21. Manicure 22. Dinner for one, I dislike having to start the early night shift. No dinner with my family :( 23. Sunday morning neons for breakfast! 24. It took me about three months to get it online 25. Makeup of the day 26. Beauty & The Beast, my favorite Disney movie 27. Makeup of the evening
28. Trying on stuff in Zara (I only got the shoes) 29. Loved this mint dress in H&M but didn't end up getting it because I thought it was too girly 30. Breakfast 31. Stuff for baby bums to make my face feel like a baby bum. 32. Psst, that's the viking. Don't tell him I posted this :p 33. Manicure (old) 34. Neon iPhone case! 35. Carnival! 36. I love walking away from the store with a little paper bag in hand


  1. I like your blog very much!!!keeep posting!!! would you like to follow each other?