Glitterbug part two: GLITTER SWATCH FEST!

A while ago I promised you the swatches of my glitter nail polish collection. And here they are! I finally got my stack of nail wheels from ebay (I'm a total ebay addict now, but more on that later). I sat down at the kitchen table and started swatching away. Without further ado, the swatches of my glitter nail polish. Great for reference when you want to layer your glitters or want to purchase a nice new sparkler.

Essence color & go nail polish in 'Make It Golden', 'Blue Addicted' and 'Time for Romance'

Make it Golden is a clear based glitter packed with gold tiny round and larger hexagonal glitters. This looks great layered over an opaque gold polish. I enjoy the effect you get when you sponge it on. It makes the glitter transfer onto the surface of your nail a little better. As you can see here in a nail design.

Blue Addicted is a sheer blue based polish. Again with the smaller round glitters and the larger hexagonal ones. It has quite a bit of green glitter in it as well. I love it most over a bright blue polish.

Time for romance is one that I have to shamefully admit to never using... Good thing the color & go polishes only retail for one euro and thirty cents. Time for romance is a sheer red with tons and tons of small round glitter and a few hexagonal ones. Great over a bright red or a nice vampy dark color.

Catrice 'Marilyn and Me' and 'I wear my sunglasses at night'. Catrice makes great opaque colors with pretty glitters in them. Marilyn and me seems more fuchsia in the swatch, but when you apply two coats is nice and dark red. A gorgeous color.

I wear my sunglasses at night is probably my favorite color in my collection. It's such an absolute beauty! It's a shame that it is such a nightmare to apply. I've tried thinning it with nail polish remover, but it just never seems to apply right and dry in a respectable amount of time.

The swatch doesn't  show the glitter perfectly, but it has multiple colors of tiny tiny tiny tiny glitters in the polish. I love love love love love it in the bottle. Do you know any dupes?
Paris Memories, as I have mentioned before, is perfect for a person on a budget. 13ml for €1! These are the glitter in my eight bottle collection. The black one is opaque in two layers. It's a nice charcoal black with tiny silver strips of glitter. That is #255. The one next to that is #253 which is a clear based lilac holographic glitter. It was featured in my Aries Goes Goth nail design. But it looks great over light colors as well. I like layering this over New York Color's Lavender Cupcake.

Essence Nail Art Twins in 'Edward' and 'Blair'. Essence has these great nail polish duos. They are sold separately but go perfectly together.

Edward is a clear based polish with tiny blue round glitters and square green glitters. It is sold with the teal creme polish called 'Bella' (I love these colors, despite my aversion to the Twilight movies. The books were okay, despite lacking in plausibility. But that's a whole other debate.)

Blair is a perfect depiction of my favorite Gossip Girl character. The silver sparkle is gorgeous. It is sold with  the mid-purple 'Chuck'. Although I must admit that even though I secretly hope Chuck and Blair will end up together again (I'm at the beginning of season 5, DON'T SPOIL ME!) I don't wear the nail polishes together. I enjoy layering the silver over a lime colored polish.
Essence special effect nail toppers in 'Hello holo!' and 'Glorious Aquarius'. These are soooo pwetty! You can see Glorious Aquarius in the nail polish design I did about a week ago right here. It looks good over a nude polish, but a dark polish (black looks best!) or a blue polish.

Hello holo is really nice too. But not as holo as I would like it. And it's an absolute pain to remove.
This is the second set of Essence Nail Art Special Effects toppers. 'It's Purplicious' and 'Night in Vegas'. The purple and pink one has square glitters as well. I'm not too sure about square glitters, they look okay but a little strange to me.

Night in Vegas is a gorgeous flaky. It was my first flaky and I love it sooo much. It was one of the layers in my galaxy nail design. I love this flaky mostly over a black polish.

I held the wheel over the back of my iPhone for a sec so you can see how pretty it looks over a dark surface. Look how great it is.
OPI! Ahh... 'Rainbow Connection' from the muppets collection. This polish caused a storm to the shelves and it was sold out in no time. Countless dupes have been reported and featured on blogs. I got this one with a new subscription to Elle Magazine. Isn't it a beauty!

Next to rainbow connection is the light sheer pink with millions of tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny glitters and a bunch of slightly larger silver ones. It's from the Katy Perry for OPI collection and it is titled 'Teenage Dream'. The color reminds me of barbie. It looks best layered over an extremely pale pink polish to guarantee the proper princess effect.

And to the very left is another glitter from the Katy Perry for OPI collection titled 'Last Friday Night' it's sheer blue base with tons of pastel colored glitters.
And last but not least is the newest edition to my nail polish addiction (this blog serves as an enabler, I always have an excuse to buy more stuff!). China Glaze's Electrify from the Capitol Colors collection. It's opaque in two layers! That nearly never happens with glitter polishes. It's super pretty, but taking it off is a real proper nightmare.

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