My Life In Instagrams #2

Hey guys!

Posting has been so slow lately, but I'm just really busy. No wait, that's a lie. I'm suffering from writer's block. I really want to do more fashion things on here, but I have noooo idea how to properly take pictures. My camera just isn't fit for it and I can't just depend on the lovely Tessa to take pictures any time I want to post a new outfit of the day. I'm planning to do a spring/summer lookbook for YouTube somewhere this long weekend. But for now, my life in instagrams.


1. handmade arm candy 2. makeup of the evening 3. statement necklaces 4. tea with mum 5. finally the weather permits me to wear my zara babies out 6. favorite spot in my bedroom, my jewelry tree 7. taste the rainbow! 8. now THAT'S a neon pink 9. spontaneous surprise from my boyfriend 'hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy books and 'lady of the rivers' 10. midnight milkshake 11. mother's day outfit 12. mum! 13. pizza time 14. big hair big shades 15. my favorite lunch: berry smoothie, blueberry muffin

16. the nailwheel from my glitter post 17. mani paris memories polish, amazing for €1 
18. getting my shop on with a friend 19. another day another fishtail 
20. nail experiment that failed, haha 21. greek yoghurt snack and gossip girl, perfect sunday 
22. another nail experiment, this one worked 23. sooo sleepy 24. getting my tan on on my day off. the weather has been lovely the last week 25. mint nails! 26. get to wear these shoes as well with the weather this awesome 27. heatwave outfit of the day 28. heatwave outfit. had an important class outing that required professional clothes 29. playing politician in the assembly hall, debate away! 
30. mint nails again, this time around the wondrous strap of my bag


  1. Het fijne leven! Leuke foto's!
    Proberen om gewoon outfit foto's te klikken met als achtergrond een witte muur? Ik vind de mijne ook niet al te geweldig, maar ik blijf het maar doen.
    Woonde je ook maar in Rotterdam, konden het van elkaar doen:-).
    Good luck!

  2. You have an amazing shoe collection! (: xx