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Hey guys!

About ten months ago I uploaded a YouTube video on my skincare routine and how Obagi products were changing my skin. I'm forever grateful for the amazing products that were prescribed to me by my skincare specialist at the time.  

But the real thing that cured my acne.. the contraceptive pill. Long story short, my acne was caused by hormones, and after asking the doctor for a contraceptive pill that not only prevented me having babies, babies, babies and more babies (I'm not even near ready to think about children?!) but also prevented acne outbursts my acne all but disappeared. 

I have the occasional spot when I neglect to properly clean my skin or don't stick to my lovely daily regime. In the above picture you see all the products I use in a week. Not every day, but in a steady routine throughout the week. I'll review each product starting with the daily stuff. 


To clean the makeup from eyes I use Doctor van der Hoog Purity 2 phase eye and lip cleanser. This is an oil based lotion that works perfectly to remove the eye makeup. However, I am looking to replace this with something else, because the oily substance smears the makeup without fully removing it and it also doesn't get most of the mascara off. Does anyone know if the Bioderma Eau Micellaire removes eyemakeup properly?

You see that chubby cheeky baby in the picture? I use Huggies Pure wipes to clean excess makeup from my face. I love using these wipes because they don't contain alcohol or perfume. I like keeping the products on my face as simple as possible, as not to irritate the skin. Alcohol can cause your skin to feel dry and tight, and why put perfume on your face? There's no use in perfume. 

To cleanse my skin after removing makeup I use Obagi's Clenziderm Cream Care Cleanser, this is a cream-like cleanser without soap in it. It removes any last bit of makeup and leaves my skin feeling clean and soft. I use this in combination with the Sigma Cleansing and Polishing tool. The head I use on the cleansing tool varies depending on the day. The medium head (pictured) three times a week, the soft head the other days. 

To moisturize and leave my skin feeling like a baby's butt I use Drs. Hans Schroder HPO Morning cream. This came in my Beautybox and it's perfectly refreshing and moisturizing. It is just amazing. I'm probably going to repurchase this after I run out of this pot. 


Twice a week after cleansing with the Obagi Cream Care cleanser I use Dermologica's Daily Microfoliant. This is a scrub in powder form. You wet your hands and shake a bit of the powder in your palm, rub your palms together and create a paste that you then massage onto your face. After rinsing this off you will have baby smooth skin. No joke. It's amazeballs. 

Whenever I wash my hair (twice sometimes three times a week) I apply a cream mask onto my face while I wait for my condition to sink into my locks. I use Doctor van der Hoog 3 minute cream mask, the revitalizing kind. The smell of this stuff is wonderfully sweet and fresh and your skin feels brand spanking new after using this. 

And then there is the cult favorite. Sudocrem. This healing cream is applied whenever I have a spot of irritated, dry or inflamed skin. I apply this before bed and leave it on overnight while I catch my Zzz's. The next morning, pure and cured skin. 

I know it's a really long list of products and descriptions, but these are the things that help maintain my skin clear and fresh. Is there anything on this list that you have tried, let me know? Also, do you have suggestions for my skincare routine? I'd love for you to tell me!

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