Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoo


Finally!These beauties have come to the Netherlands. We waited for about six monthsuntil a really small section of the colors came to the shelves of ourdrugstores. The American and English release of these cream shadows includedthe shades

-         TooCool
-         Fierce& Tangy
-         AudaciousAsphalt
-         PaintedPurple
-         Badto the Bronze
-         PomegranatePink
-         Toughas Taupe
-         TenaciousTeal
-         BoldGold
-         EdgyEmerald
Of theseten, only six shades made it to the Dutch drugstores, and the color names arenot the same as in the States or the UK. We get the shades Eternal Gold (BoldGold), Turquoise Forever (Tenacious Teal), On and on bronze (Bad to theBronze), Permanent Taupe (Tough as Taupe), Infinite White (Too Cool) andImmortal Charcoal (Audacious Asphalt).

Nevertheless,these babies are absolutely amazing. Super intense pigmentation, you can pilethem on for a really intense color or just dab lightly for a light wash. Theydon’t dry instantly (which, for example, the Make Up Forever cream shadows do)so you have opportunity to blend them out before they set. But once they areset, they are not going ANYWHERE. The shadows seriously stay on all day.Whether you are going to take a shower, work your ass off or shop until youdrop. I know this, because I did all three when wearing the shades ‘On and OnBronze’ and ‘Permanent Taupe’.

You cancompare these to the MAC paintpots, which I also love dearly, in duration andconsistency. However, the packaging is a little annoying. The glass containeris a bit too deep to properly get your finger or brush in it. But I’m justgoing to have to get over that.


As youcan see, Permanent Taupe is matte brown/taupe color. I love using this as abase to a brown smokey eye. Or on its own with a copper or rose gold blendedthrough the crease. On and On Bronze is a nice shimmery bronze. I love pattinga bronze color eyeshadow over this to make it even more intense. This is such aperfect color for when you want a nice glowing dark eye makeup.

Overall,my opinion of the Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoo cream shadows is very positive.So, come on Maybelline and give us some more interesting colors that we canplay with!

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  1. I can't get over how amazing these are! My only advice is steer clear of Painted Purple, it's the only one that's not great for pigmentation and coverage. Thanks for the post! x