L'Oreal Rouge Caresse


I never thought I would fall for this product the way I have. You probably know I am a lover of bold statement lips. So a product marketed as soft balm which provides subtle, sensual color shouldn't be something that floats my boat, right? Boy, was I wrong. 

This summer I want to make my makeup look less done. If that makes sense. I want a more natural, fresh faced appearance when I am out and about in the hot summer air. Not that that is anywhere near happening here in this terrible country. But a girl can dream, right? Anyway, I caved and bought the Rouge Caresse lipstick/balm from L'Oreal. I got the color 07 Cheeky Magenta. 

It's a lovely formula, melts onto your lips and leave them covered in a nice subtle color that looks natural enough to look fresh and done enough to look like you just came out of fervent kissing session with your partner. The formula is super soft and moisturizing and it leaves your lips feeling lovely. 


swatched lightly // swatched heavily

The rouge caresse line comes in twelve luminous shades that each provide a nice pop of color to the lips, while being super lightweight and moisturizing. This really is a fantastic product. The only downside, I wish it lasted a little longer. It doesn't linger quite long on the lips. 

Image shows the twelve shades available in the Rouge Caresse line of lipsticks

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