Mr. Gold is a stud


eBay is the bomb. Especially for really fun nail items, such as.. studs! I have loved this look on so many people before that I could no longer stay behind, I had to try it. And don't you just love this look? The boyfriend laughed and said 'you and your studs', but then agreed that it looked really cool. And my mom flipped out and pretty much demanded me to give her the same manicure. Which I will do when they return from Paris.

It looks like a lot of work, but it is surprisingly easy. I finished this in record time. Now the challenge is keeping the studs on. I'm still on the hunt for a super heavy duty amazing top coat. Do you have any recommendations?

Polished used
Light pink base by Paris Memories (the color label was pulled off by my mom)
Gold nail studs from ebay
OPI Start to Finish top & base coat.


  1. Anonymous12/7/12 11:38

    Omg i love your nails, i think i need some studs in my life too lol. Ax


  2. This is quality! I got myself the studs ages ago but completely forgot about them! Im thinkin its time to dig them out! xx

  3. i LOVE THIS! so edgy yet stylish.

  4. Supercool! When do you do my nails like that;-)?

  5. This is frickin' gorgeous!
    I have to try it, that's my productive 'pre 2nd year Uni work' down the pan:P
    As for a topcoat I would recommend Seche Vite. It seems pricey, but its a larger bottle than your average top coat and its rock solid when dry :)

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  6. This mani is soooo cool! I love this look! So creative - I'll have to try it out! :)